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Sigh. The "queer is a slur" nonsense, again.

You would think, several decades after "We're here! We're queer! Get used to it!" that they'd have got used to it.

Don't want to be called queer? Then I won't call you queer.

But stop trying to police the rest of us.

#lgbtq #queer

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Want to tell the UK government to withdraw today's attack on Scottish democracy? Here's a petition: #scotpol #trans #lgbtq #Scotland

Cozy Sunday Birthday Stream! -- Reading the last part of "The Four Keys" and Sprints -- Come work with me! @bookstodon

Thursday Working Stream -- Sprints and Chat -- Come work with me!

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Sunday Cozy Stream: Reading P5 of The Four Keys and Writing Sprints (Reading will be approximately at the 1.5 hour mark.)

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Unisex means the t-shirt is shaped for one sex: men

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has been: Playing ESO, playing Jedi Fallen Order, streaming on Twitch while writing a novel, ordering dinner out, then writing ESO fanfiction while watching Twitch cuz I CAN.

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👏 Via Mark Joseph Stern:

This is huge news. The state #SupremeCourt has restored the right to #abortion in #SouthCarolina, and SCOTUS cannot reverse the decision because it's based on state law.

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Queer doesn't mean white. Seeing people using "queer" versus "bipoc" like there isn't tremendous overlap.

"Queer people do x, bipoc do y."

No, but also, what about queer bipoc?

Overlooking so many people (especially while you're talking to them!) demonstrates a disturbing segregationism mindset. It seems like you think there's queer, then there's bipoc, and then waaay over there is queer bipoc.

Please think through your thoughts before commenting, instead of making queer bipoc do it for you.

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At a wildlife rehab facility I met two crows that said, "caw" in a human accent. They said it like a human reading the word "caw" aloud. The tech shook her head and said, "they're making fun of us. People say 'caw' to them all day, so they've started impersonating us." I <3 crows

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