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Alright. Let's get this morning started with a deep dive into the transphobia against trans men that Pamela Paul's defense of JK Rowling both contributes to and ignores.

Yes, I will keep beating this drum. Because Rowling's transphobia against trans men is some of the most explicitly stated transphobia she has engaged in, and I have quotes for days.

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So grateful for COVID-safe friends.

Last night, I needed to do a quick meeting with a friend.

On my way over, he let me know that his coworker had tested positive, and that for my safety, I should stay masked.

We both wore N95s all throughout. To be safe, we didn't touch, or give each other a hug.

Today, he tested positive, and let me know ASAP.

I tested negative (twice!), and I'm laying low for a bit.

COVID still isn't over, and this is how we take care of each other.

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As for JK Rowling and the wizard™️ game:

JK Rowling is the world's leading TERF. Her influence is directly attributable to genocidal laws in the US and UK. She also helped create the moral panic against trans people. This moral panic normalizes hatred and violence against trans people.

Buying Hogwarts Legacy is direct support of all that, and also direct support of blatant and intense antisemitism.

You can draw a direct line from JK Rowling to Brianna's death.

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"I would like to state that JK Rowling is a transphobic bigot who is in league with the far right and nazi orgs to eliminate trans people.

Hey Joanne, your lawyers can choke on the first amendment."

-- Alejandra Caraballo

#Trans #TransRights #TransRightsAreHumanRights

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As a Jew and a parent of a trans kid, I am having a lot of challenges with the gaming community’s acceptance of the new wizard game.

The creator of that IP is a gleeful anti-trans bigot. The game’s story is built around blood libel. And yet, outlets are still giving it huge play and content creators are conveniently ignoring the harm this game’s profits will directly contribute to.

Everyone needs to make their own choice, sure. But I am having a hell of a time not judging people.

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Let me be clear.

The concept of "company loyalty" is manipulation.

Your relationship with a corporation should be reciprocal like any relationship in your life.

You match the level of respect and loyalty with a corporation the same way they are loyal and respectful to you.

The last 12 months of the technical sector in Silicon Valley is sending a very clear message:

There is no such thing as "loyalty".

Why invest into a relationship where you give more than you receive?

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My copy of @worthyadvisor ‘s Survey arrived today. Evening plans have been adjusted. I will be on a couch with this book and maybe my cat will join me. @bookstodon @lgbtqbookstodon

#QueerSciFi #SurveyIntragalacticSeries #QueerSpaceOpera #QueerSpeculativeFiction #Scifi #SpaceOpera #Books

Cozy Sunday Stream! Editing first, then Reading Survey ch 5-8 at 11 pm CET/5 pm EST-US/2 pm PST-US @bookstodon @lgbtqbookstodon

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An actually good article about ethical game criticism re: that TERF/GG videogame that everyone is doing a discourse about 

> I did not expect much from games media on this one. Still I was surprised by how much I was let down. As regular readers will know, TheGamer is not covering Hogwarts Legacy with a review, nor (at a much bigger revenue loss for us) guides for the game. I know other sites will have struggled with weighing up that sacrifice, or may not have full editorial control over the games they cover. But reading the glee at the reviews, the delightfully excited tweets, the claims that they are the true victims of an intense bullying campaign by meanie beanies who don’t understand how magical Harry Potter is, I don’t think that’s as large a factor as we assume.


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Happy #BlackHistoryMonth !

Not ready to talk about Black History. Still talking about white US history.

Q: Why are Black neighborhoods so often high crime neighborhoods? Must be a lawless people! Violent! Thieves! Predators!

A: There is no such thing as a "high crime neighborhood." The whole concept is entirely made up based on our notion of what we consider a crime.

You may be thinking:🤔 Wait... What?! Not true! A high crime neighborhood has more drug use and sales, theft, and even murder!

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